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Homeowners and builders alike just love our logs. Read some of the comments we've received below.

"I thought it was better quality than anything I'd seen. I'm a perfectionist and I was impressed with the tightness of it. We've owned this home for 7 years and the integrity of the logs is just as good today as the day we moved in. By the way, we're 9000 feet above sea level and winters don't get much harder on a home than they do up here."
-- Marlo Stones

"We never thought we'd own a log home because there's so much maintenance on them, but we've owned this one for 4 years and haven't had to do anything to it. The outside is beautiful and I can put up any decorations I want inside. I just love it."
-- LeeAnn Hollerman, Utah

"We love it. We built the majority of it and you won't see logs anywhere that fit the way Middleton's do."
-- The Johnsons, Utah

"You will not find a more perfect and easy to assemble log in the industry. I'm convinced there is no better way to erect a log home than with the simplicity and attractiveness of a Middleton Log structure."
-- Dr. J. Christopher Romney, D.C., F.A.C.O. Homeowner

"We were looking for quality, reliability, dependability, value and trust in a dealer. When we approached Middleton Timber, Inc., we saw first hand the process and materials used, and knew this was everything we were looking for."
-- The Schoppmanns, Homeowners

"I have built many different log structures using a variety of log types. The Middleton Timber, Inc. log is the most structurally sound log I have used in the industry. This log makes the best log home or cabin out there today. I will not build with other than the Middleton Timber Log.
-- K. Lindsay Construction General Contractor, Builder

"I had given up on building real log cabins for my hotel expansion until I met Jeff Middleton of Middleton Timber. When I saw the quality and value of the Middleton Log it made the decision very easy. Now that I have added the 11 cabins to my project, I would recommend to anyone that is building a log structure that Middleton Timber provides the finest product available. Also, working with Jeff was a great experience. I found that his integrity is beyond compare."
-- Dan Phelps Owner, The Alaskan Inn